Sean Badal’s latest book is The Hour of Need (2016). He is the author of Dead Sanctities (1999),  Seeds of Disorder (2002),  The Fall of the Black-eyed Night (2008),  The Ice on Mars (2010) and The Hour of Need (2016).




For further information on his books, please check the author’s page on Amazon.


He has written on travel, science, technology and business for a wildly disparate range of publications – from Wired to the Financial Times.                                       The Hour of Need_Front Cover

Other than writing, his main interests include history, science, astronomy, computing, and evolutionary biology.

He has had a lifelong obsession with George Orwell, who has provided constant succour over the years and shaped much of his political outlook. Graham Greene is another favourite author and he was very impressed with Pico Iyer’s memorable and haunting book,  The Man Within My Head

When not reading, he has a Scorsese-like compulsion for cinema, especially films from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s and film noir from the same period

Travel is another passion and his favourite cities include Prague, Muscat and Delhi. Despite the many rigours, he has been constantly drawn to return to India.

It helps nurture his bizarre fascination  with imperialists like Sir Richard Burton, T. E Lawrence, Arthur Conan Doyle and Rudyard Kipling.

Mostly, he just likes going for long walks and is a flâneur of note.


“A story has no beginning or end; arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead.”

from Graham Greene, The End of the Affair (1951)

14 Responses to “Sean Badal”

  1. Vish Says:

    Cool Website. Look forward to your new book. Congratulations!!!

  2. Susan Lane Says:

    Hello Sean!

    I tracked you down. I now live in New York.

    Will be visiting Jhb over Christmas, will you be there?

  3. Shakey_jakey Says:

    Hey there,

    Jolly good show old chap, do keep up the good work, wot! Maybe I will see you when you join us for a gin and tonic Down Under. Lots of pot-luck to go around!

  4. Pria Says:

    Hi Sean, great to be in touch again. Cool website! Good luck with the new book. Hope to you see you again soon.

  5. You look so familiar…were you a regular at Kauai in 2005-06?

  6. Widaad Says:

    Still waiting dearest Sean… or shall I come hunt you down?

  7. Tara Says:

    Loved the new book, interesting also capturing the community…too much truth exists in this book…

  8. Tara Says:

    New Book:
    Intriguing, exciting and true…

  9. Priscilla, correctly, said we should meet and chat. You good?

  10. Fryâna Pahlevi Says:

    Hey Badal. cool website. Loved your book. very islamic and heartbreaking!

  11. Widaad Says:

    Hi dearest Sean, have lost touch. Hope all is well. Absolutely love your work. Salute you!

  12. edward Says:

    You are brilliant , at school you were amazing -way beyond your years!
    I will always admire you as a genius with a pen and talented beyond measure.

  13. Joel Says:

    Hey Mr Badal,

    Have you done a disappearing act again? Have tried to phone you, but to no avail. How are you going?


  14. Ian Says:

    Impressed with your site/blog…what where is the latest news? Nothing much since 2014…have you gone into hibernation or just working too hard?


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